Contact Center Support - Different Channel Types

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In this section, we will discuss the different channel types we have in a contact center.

Channel Types are the different mode of communication a customer use to interact for product related queries. Below are few channel types we can will discuss:

  1. Voice

  2. Chat

  3. Email

  4. Text/SMS

  5. Social Media


Voice is one of oldest method of communication where a customer can interact with service providers or manufacturers via calls. This can be further translated as:

- Inbound Calls - this method allows the customer to call 📞 a specific number

- Outbound Calls - this method provisions the service provider or manufacturer to call 📞 their customers through a specific number.


Chat is another method to interact with the customer. This method uses an interface available on the service providers' website or a simple App on your phone. Customers/consumers find it easy to interact at their comfort zone while being busy over other stuffs. Over a period of time, this channel or mode of communication is becoming more popular due to its instant connect time and resolution.


Email is yet another way of interaction but is slightly time consuming. Once a email sent, the customer/consumer will have to given some time before it is resolved. This mode of communication is used widely in industries like banking, telecommunication, interior designing, Education, Entertainment and hospitality industry. This mode of communication is avoided in health care and pharmaceutical industries as in these industries would require instant response which in this case may not be viable. However, the industries too can use this facility for customer feedback and information feeds.


SMS or text message works similar to chat interface with a small difference that this method uses in-phone Apps like "SMS/Message" App or other messaging apps like "WhatsApp", "SnapChat", "Wechat", "Line" and so on. This is yet another popularly growing mode of communication in industries like eCommerce, telecommunication and banking.

Social Media

This is an aggressive method and very popular among young consumer or customers as they find it easy to connect to its service providers or manufacturers on Social Media App like "Twitter", "Facebook" or "Instagram". The Service Providers or manufacturers associate this mode of communication against their brand image as any communication in this method spreads widely on Social Media and can become a part of trolls any moment.

The above description defines how each method works in a contact center environment and the industries which widely use them. We will learn about each channel type in detail in our upcoming blogs. Until then, Enjoy learning!!

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