History of Workforce Management - India

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

It was during early 2000s, India welcomed outsourcing companies to explore Indian talent and enhance their customer experience. Multi-national Companies (MNC) instigated the set-up in virtue to establish cost-effective venture in India along with a vision of utilizing highly interactive young pool for advocating customer experience.

This advancement worked and paved way for multiple companies t0 follow these foot steps. In terms of evolvement of workforce management, the entire process was manual, decentralized and majorly managed by Operations. This process, eventually, became cumbersome with following issues:

  1. Employees were mismanaged - few days/intervals were overstaffed and few were understaffed

  2. Inefficiency in Service Goals and performance

  3. Lack of analytical skill to improve business which costed poor Customer Satisfaction

A need to design employee solution model was required and effective system evolved to analyze historical data and solution trails were initiated.

Some of keys steps in this course of time included:

  1. Time and motion study were conducted to analyze how much time will a particular task take for successful completion

  2. Historical task volume were assessed for arrival of future volume/transactions

  3. Workload method was used to arrive at effort estimation and resource calculation

The progression was noticed and sustainable workforce management process was established what we notice today as an integral part of the support function. Since, this department was created as per the need of the hour, we don't study this in our management books but enhance through experience.

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