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How to calculate workload?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Workload simply means amount of time required to complete a particular task. It usually denoted in hours

Workload is a vital output to define how many employees or CSRs (Customer Support Representatives) are required to run a business smoothly.

Workload calculation is very simple. Here is the formula:

Volume X Average Handle Time (AHT)


Volume is defined as any query requested by a person

Average Handle Time is time taken by the employee on an average to resolve the each query

Simple, isn't it?

Now let's take few examples to understand workload calculation in detail:

Pach Solutions deal in telecommunication industry and provide services for telephone, TV broadcast and broadband services. Pach Solutions a contact center to answer customer queries and resolve any issues related to sales, billing and technicalities.

Here is an illustration of workload calculation for voice channel type:

@ 9:00 in morning, the contact center received 476 calls and the employees take on an average 300 secs to talk to each customer. Now let's take a look at the workload calculation:

No of calls in a day (volume) - 476

Average Handle Time - 300 secs

Workload = Volume X AHT

=> 476 X 300 = 142800 secs

The above workload is in secs as our AHT is in secs; let's convert into hours:

=> 142800/(60 X 60) = 39.67 hours

The above illustration implies that a contact center would require to deliver 39.67 hours to handle 476 customer calls.

We will understand on how to define these hours into number of employees in our upcoming blogs?

Until then, try yourself:

What will be the workload for 582 calls to be answered on an average 12 mins?

Write your answers on the comments below.

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