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What is Workforce Management?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Workforce Management is not taught in our management schools; We inherit these skills in our work space - Of course by choice!

So what is workforce management?

Workforce Management is the process to keep a business sustainable/viable.

In simple terms, Workforce management is a process to analyze efforts (resource) by defining series of task (volume) in a particular program and the amount of time (average time) required to accomplish the task in a given time frame (Service Goals).

Lets take an example to understand this:

ABC bank manages priority banking for its customer; The customer can call toll-free number for banking assistance.

Here in this case - each call received in the contact center is the volume and its takes almost 10min to resolve the queries which is considered the average time taken for task accomplishment. Workforce Management uses these inputs to arrive at how many employees will be required to resolve the banking query in 10mins if they had to receive a pool of calls every day from the customers.

Workforce Management is defined by series of stages viz.,

  1. Forecasting - Volume/Transactions

  2. Resourcing/Capacity Planning - Resource Requirement and hiring plans at different frequencies

  3. Scheduling - Ensuring we have the right people at the right place at the right time with the right skills

  4. Intraday Management - Execution stage

  5. Reporting - A look back at our performance for business viability

We will understand these stages in detail in our upcoming blogs.

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