Who are Customer Service Representatives?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In our previous few posts, we spoke about components that are dealt from business perspective in workforce management, Now let's take a look at employees in an call center environment.

An employee who works to answer queries for all customers or consumers via different methods of communication are usually known as Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

Eventually, they are denoted by different naming conventions in different companies - few of them are listed below:

Customer Service Executive (CSEs), Customer Reps, Sales Reps, Advocates, Associates, Analyst, Tech Reps and Agents being the most common one.


Customer Services Representatives are employees who face customers or consumers with different moods such as cheerful, angry, humorous, calm, excited, disappointed or confused.

CSRs are generally quoted as the "face of the company" they work for and can influence the customers/consumers to either continue or discontinue a product or service.

They form the most integral part of customer care,


The world is evolving and we are slowly moving to iGeneration era; Contact center too is not left behind and hence, to keep up the pace, many Multi-national companies (also known as MNCs) are drifting to advance their customer experience with bots for first level of interaction with customers.

We will try to understand this technology in detail with our upcoming blogs.

Try yourself:

Can you share some exciting naming convention for these beautiful people who help us day in and day out with almost all over services/products?

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