Workforce Management Roles and Responsibilities

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

WFM diversifies in multiple ways to analyze the past, current and future state of a business. Lets take a quick look on different views to keep in mind while we look at overall business:

Current Work Complexity

WFM manifest time to understand

  1. Current job/work description

  2. How complex the workflow is?

  3. Different departments/functions which may be required to be involved for successful completion of a particular task?

  4. Level of Approvals for completion

so on..

Lets understand with an example - PRAX is an accounting firm and has outsourced invoicing and billing department to one of its vendor. Lets take a sneak peak at the job role that has been outsourced:

PRAX is a company which helps individuals to manage their accounts and allows them accurately file their taxes every year. PRAX charges nominal fees to its customers and bills them every month. Since the billing and invoicing department is outsourced to Meteors Ltd, they bill customers on behalf of PRAX. Here is a complete procedure followed by Meteors Ltd to ensure accurate billing and payments from customer:

  1. Invoices are generated on automated basis for every customer of PRAX

  2. The invoice are given with a 15 days timeline to every customer to review the contents and pay

  3. In case of any discrepancy in the invoice, the customer calls Meteors Ltd for clarification

  4. The customer support agents review the calculations and shares resolution as per below criteria

  5. for any additional cost incurred to customer by mistake - the agents shares an email for approval to PRAX to remove the line item (Level 1 approval)

  6. for customer probing for discount for being valued customer - the agent shares again an email for approval to PRAX (Level 2 approval)

  7. Customer Details (billing address/name/mobile number) are wrong in the database - customer authorizes backend team to make the change

  8. Customer not receiving invoice (email or post) - agent directs the call to technical team for support

  9. For payments - the agent redirect the call to IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The above example involves customer support team, invoice approval team, back office team and IVR for different stages of work profile. Depending on the complexity of this work, the workforce management defines the effort required to manage the work

Time taken by employees to successfully complete a task

After having fair understanding of the work, a WFM employees analyses the time required to complete a particular task so as to define workload.

For instance:

The above example requires the customer support agent to co-ordinate with different departments either to resolve technical glitch or take approval to change the invoice. The agent in this case will require at least 24 hours for swift revert from other departments which can be ideally informed the customer for affirmation.

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