Workforce Management : What is Volume/Transaction?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Volume is defined as any Query from customers or non customers for specific service or products.

So what constitutes to a query/volume?

1. General Inquiries - Customers can contact to understand the specification of a new product or services.

For instance: Mr. Roy wanted to check the broadband speed in his locality if he takes services from HIFI connections in his town. Thus, Mr. Roy visits the website of HIFI and chats with a Customer Support Representative (in short: CSRs) to find out the details

2. Invoicing Queries - Once you avail a service or buy a new product from a vendor, you will receive an invoice in different frequencies like one-time, monthly, quarterly or yearly. You may need a team to explain the different components in the invoice or change some features in the invoice.

For instance: Mrs. Kumar was worried about the mobile bill for the month of June 2021 as the charges were 2 times more than the normal fees. Thus, Mrs. Kumar called the customer support team for assistance who explained her that the charges included a one-time payment of a Mobile Game installed on the phone which was accidently updated by her son. The CSR not only helped her to understand the bill for that month but also waived off the charges as goodwill gesture.

3. Technical Support - Any product or service that you avail, may at some point in time require a repair or maintenance. The contact center support helps you to schedule an appointment with professionals to visit your home or office for a schedule maintenance or any repair or a new service/product installation.

4. Payments - Products/Service come with a cost and it's very crucial for vendors to have multiple channels for ease of payment. One of method is IVR (Interactive Voice Response) where in the customer can call a specific toll-free number and update card details to make payments.

5. Sales/Information on specific service/product - Non customers can also connect with Service Provider or manufacturers to check details of different products and schemes. They may also contact to gather some information or share some details.

For instance: Mr. Smith is over 60 years and has been on treatment for some severe health issues. He noticed that his neighbor Mr. Patrick has allowed ABC Internet Services to install a tower on their terrace for good coverage in the area. Upon a check with the doctor, Mr. Smith was informed that the transmission from towers can be hazardous to his health and hence he called ABC customer support team to raise an alarm. ABC internet services were quick to react and shifted the tower to a place optimum for Mr. Smith to stay safe and healthy.

Apart from the above, we may also have industry-specific queries which can be specially designed for the customers or citizens or any person. Below are few examples:

  • Government-related contact center to address queries on citizenship, identity card, passport, VISA, property, Tax, Police, Country Laws and obligations, Government aided hospitals, pandemic and so on

  • Health - Hospital, Emergency, Ambulance, Insurance department (Claims, Patient enrollment so on)

These all queries constitute to volumes and are forecasted to understand how each volume will flow into a contact center which eventually help to estimate efforts required to address such queries.

Stay tuned for more information!!


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